Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Optimism: The constant belief that life will suddenly become fair for you.

There used to be a time. Not too far back. The glass always used to be half full. Everything used to be right.
That attitude was put to the rest recently. Everything changed. People changed. Circumstances changed. People left.
Nothing seems right. Everything seems to be falling apart and you feel like you can't hold yourself together.
Then comes that one special person, who tells you to be optimistic.

You try. You really try. You fail. But you get up and try again, because you don't want to disappoint everyone  around you.
Let go of all the negativity and hate. Things will fall into place. If they don't; It was never meant to be.

It isn't the end until everything is perfect again.

Start each day with a happy attitude. 
Smile. Laugh.
Fun and healthy thoughts aren't merely for children, the rich or only the happy-go-lucky. You need fun and laughter as much as you need food.

Each day at times, seems alike. Dark. Grim. Hopeless. Bleak. Morose.
You are irritated by little things. You drag yourself from one calling to another.
It is not the hard work that drains you out; But the emotional upheaval. Those vulnarable, weak and rash thoughts that rob you from a happy attitude and a pleasant, peaceful mind.

No matter how tenebrous the days seem. Do not lost hope. Do not give up. Call someone for comfort. Divert yourself from the circumstances at hand.
But never lose hope.

Visit GivesMeHope. Read through the stories of the masses. Realize that there still is hope. No matter how minute it is. It can be turned from a puny ray of hope to a colossal one.

This post could've been better, but this was the best I could do at the moment.
To the "Special person" mentioned during the beginning. You know who you are. You know what you did.
Thank you for being there. Always. You mean a lot.


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